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Floor striping and parking lot line striping are too similar. They just have different dimensions. I use the same techniques for both jobs. All my techniques are in my book.


I’ll leave the cleaning to you. In the past, a floor scrubber with water has worked well.


These aren’t too difficult. Most of the time, it’s after hours and self explanatory.


The most important dimension is between the poles. If you know what you need and you know the spacing, we’ll lay it out.


This is the tough part. If your work is in the winter or spring, we’ll be fine. If your work is in the summer or fall, it’ll be harder. This is when the outdoor work is lining up. When can we have the floor or a select portion? When do you need it back?


I’ve seen expensive high tech paints peel off a floor in four foot sections. I’ve seen cheap enamels snap off a floor leaving only an oily residue for the next painter. I’ve had a company choose against my bid, one year, and call only me, the next year. I’ve had a company accept my bid, call me back for another and invite me to Texas for another.

It’s not rocket science, but it is a one shot deal, especially when you consider the schedule.