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There are only (3) types of parking lot striping


This is clean and simple, parking lot striping. A Re-Stripe is just you and your line striping machine. No other work is being performed. I do these before hours…after hours…or even during hours…if I can.

Re-Stripe to Existing Layout and Pattern Over Seal Coat…

This type of a job is not much different than a Re-stripe. Why? Because even though someone has seal coated the parking lot…99 times out of 100…you can still see the old parking lot striping = lines and parking lot stencils. Learn the procedure for this type of parking lot striping and why striping “over seal” is such a great market.

New Layouts

By the time we get to the “Layout” section of my book…I will introduce (1) difference and point out (1) pattern and you’ll say to yourself…”I know what he’s going to do”. Do not be afraid of a layout. I know you can do it. If I can help and even encourage you to get started…Read My Blog, Click Here …and…read more about My Book…to Read (4) Pages…Click Here.