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    Learn; How to Stripe a Parking Lot

    We are in the business of helping others start their own small business. Our Manual; How I Stripe sells, almost daily, into (11) countries for the last 12 years. The testimonies / stories we receive aren’t just about earnings. Yes, it can be a nice living but, testimonies are also about saving their house or helping their husband. That’s why I wrote the book. I was there too. Those stories resonate.

    I believe Pavement Marking is one of the all time best, small business start ups. 5K or less to start. No real shop. No real inventory. You don’t have to quit the day job. Almost any economy. It’s been good to me and I would like to help you. If you’d like to start a side business that could easily turn full time, consider Pavement Marking. Start by buying my book. Don’t buy anything else until you read it. Call me with questions.

    And yes, we manufacture stencils that are second to none, for several reasons. They’re here on our site. Take a look. Thank you.

    Last…Click here to read the first (4) pages: How I Stripe a Parking Lot… 24 Years… By Myself 

    Your Benefits

    Easy To Start

    • $2500.00 to $5000.00…and most of that is machine. Trust me…
      You don’t want it to be any less. If it were, anyone could do it and you’d be out of a job.
    • Work part time at first. Your jobs will be few and after hours.
      So, when businesses are closed or school is out (and parking lots are empty)
      …schedule the work, around your current job.

    Easy To Maintain

    • Buy parking lot stencils once. And…buy only what you need and only when you need it. I manufacture these myself. My prices are low and I ship quickly. They’re the right plastic. They’re the right size. Use them forever. Click parking lot stencils to see and read more.
    • Buy paint only when you need it. After you get the job ! Very little inventory.

    Easy to Operate

    • Work from your own garage. I did for 12 years.
      A striping machine takes up about the same space as a lawn mower.
    • Do you have a small pick up truck? Ramps?…or a small landscaping trailer?
      I rented a “you storage” type garage…gated, with 24 hour access.


    • In a good economy… people build buildings and parking lots. I have work.
    • In a bad economy… people will only stripe the existing parking lot. I have work.

    Parking Lot Striping is always a BEST SMALL BUSINESS Start Up. I can help. Learn how to stripe a parking lot.

    My Experience…

    I’ve striped parking lots with 7 cars. I’ve striped parking lots with 1000 cars. I’ve striped roadways, intersections, regional airports, schools, playgrounds, parking garages, indoor floors and more. I’ve done it all and it’s in my book; 
    How I Stripe a Parking Lot…24 Years…By Myself
    . Third Edition.